Frequently Asked Questions


We have answers to your questions about markets, transactions and submissions.


*Please note: We have made important changes concerning submissions, deadlines and our methodology. Please make sure to review these changes prior to submitting your deals.




Should I provide all transactions or just my best deals?

As the Power Broker Awards ranking is based upon each calendar year’s transactions, we request that you provide all transaction information, not just top deal information.

What information do I need to submit?

For lease transactions, we require the building address, city, state, property type, square footage leased, floor or suite (if multi-tenant building), sign date, tenant move-in date, name of tenant, names of brokers involved, and notation of new lease, renewal, or sublease. If you are not restricted by a confidentiality agreement, please include the lease term and effective rent.
For sales transactions, we require building address, city, state, property type, rentable square footage of the building, date closed, sale price, buyer name, buyer broker company, buyer agents, sell name, seller broker company, seller agents, and notation of investment or owner/user sale.
If the sale was an investment, please send us the cap rate for the transaction (if it has one). If the sale was an owner/user, please send us the date the new owner is moving/moved in.

In what format do I need to submit my transaction information? My company has a sheet with all of this information on it already. Can I send you that?

CoStar provides you with the approved lease and sales transactions Excel templates that will assist you in providing deal information in the appropriate Excel format. If you have your own sheet that has all of the required information, please transfer that information to the supplied Excel template. Please see the Submit Deals page for transaction templates.

How do I submit my deals through the website?

To submit your deals one at a time: Go to the Power Brokers website. Fill out your contact information in the Get Your Deals In Now form on the right side of the webpage and then select the deal type from the drop-down menu. Click Submit. You will be redirected to another page where you can enter all of the required deal information. Click Submit to submit your deal. If you have more than one deal to enter, you can click Add More to submit additional deals.
To upload your Excel Files: Go to our Submit Deals page. Fill in your contact information and select your region (East, Central, West) in the fields below, then select your market from the drop-down menu. Click Browse to find and upload your Excel* submission file and then click Submit.
* Deals submitted must include all required information and be submitted in the Excel spreadsheets provided in the links below OR via the online form to the right in order to be considered for a Power Broker Award.

“I did 1,000,000 sf of deals,” did I win? “I did $1,000,000 worth of sales,” did I win?

The Power Broker Award acknowledges the top brokers and firms in each market in relationship to other brokers and firms within the market. There is no minimum threshold for receiving one.

If I send you my deals, can you tell me where I rank?

We cannot provide rankings throughout the submission process or in the final winner announcement.

Can I just send you the total number of deals I did?

No. The required transaction information must be reviewed and verified by our internal research team.

I’m located in a market that quotes rents as per square foot per month. Do I need to convert contract rental rates to annual or can I submit monthly rents? Also, should I give them per square foot or as a total?

When submitting effective rents it is not required to convert monthly to annual rents (or vice versa); however, we do ask that you quote them consistently. Also, please quote rents as a per square foot value regardless of whether it is a monthly or a yearly rent.

Who do I send the completed transaction sheet to? Should I send this to my regular research contact?

No. Please upload your completed transaction sheet through our Submit Deals page. You can also enter your deals one at a time as they close through our online submission form, located on the right side of every page on our Power Brokers website.



I can’t make the deadline. Can I submit my transactions late?

No. In order to be fair to all participants, we will not accept any Power Broker submissions sent after 11:59pm PST on the deadline.

What if I miss the Power Broker submission deadline?

If you miss the deadline, it is important to note that both you and your firm will still be considered for a CoStar Power Broker Award. You and your firm are eligible for consideration based on the lease and sales transactions already in our database that CoStar Research confirmed and added throughout the calendar year. Our research associates continually monitor the market for transactions and add them as they happen. The details of these transactions are collected and confirmed from a variety of sources, including:

  • Ongoing broker interviews to update current for lease and for sale listings
  • Monitoring of local and national media sources for news articles written on significant transactions in your market
  • Review of public record documents and corporate securities filings for lease and sale transactions
  • Ongoing discussions with key research representatives at major brokerage firms and local market organizations
  • Telephone interviews to identify and confirm sales comparables

Looking forward to the next CoStar Power Broker Awards, please help to build awareness about the deals you are doing by proactively informing your CoStar Research Associates about your transactions as they happen and submitting your deals through our online submission form, located on the right side of every page on our Power Brokers website.



How do you calculate winners?

On the lease side, deals are calculated primarily based upon square footage. On the sales side, winners are calculated based upon sales dollars. Only deals that occurred during the most recent calendar year are considered. For more information, please view the methodology.

I represented both sides of a deal. Do I get credit for being on both sides?

CoStar understands that in some cases the broker will represent both parties involved in the transaction. In those cases, the entry is counted twice for the same transaction. For more information, please view the methodology.

Should I submit deals done outside of my home market? Will I be considered for awards in those markets as well?

You should submit deals outside of your home market, as CoStar counts deals conducted anywhere in the United States during the most recent calendar year; however, they will all contribute towards the awards in your home market.

Who is eligible to win an award?

The Power Broker Awards recognize third party brokerage. To be included in the Power Broker Awards, firms must be primarily in the business of brokerage, either as a tenant rep, a landlord rep or both. Firms that are primarily owners of real estate are excluded. If the agent is employed by the owner, property manager, asset manager, fund manager, or developer of the property, or if they or their firm have any direct or indirect ownership of a property, they will not be credited for that transaction. Brokerage agents and firms who lease properties for their own family members or corporate parents will not receive credit for transactions in those properties.

If many of the brokers from my office were involved in a deal, will we all get credit?

Yes. CoStar gives credit to every broker involved in a deal — according to the methodology, we divide the total credit by the number of brokers representing each client’s side of the deal. For example, a broker representing the tenant on a transaction with a total of three tenant representative brokers will receive credit for one-third the square footage of that deal.
For sales transactions, the total sales dollar volume is calculated for each sale in which the individual represented the buyer, divided by the total number of brokers representing the buyer.
When submitting the deals, please make sure that all brokers are included on the same line of the spreadsheet. Please do not send the same deal twice.



In what markets will the awards be given?

The following is a list of markets in which the current Power Broker awards will be given:

  • Western Region: Albuquerque, Austin, Bakersfield, Boise City/Nampa, Colorado Springs, Denver, East Bay/Oakland, El Paso, Fresno, Hawaii, Inland Empire (California), Las Vegas, Little Rock/N. Little Rock, Los Angeles, Marin/Sonoma, Orange (California), Phoenix, Portland, Reno/Sparks, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle/Puget Sound, South Bay/San Jose, Stockton/Modesto, and Tucson.
  • Central Region: Birmingham, Chicago, Cincinnati/Dayton, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas/Ft Worth, Des Moines, Detroit, Houston, Indianapolis, Jackson (MS), Kansas City, Knoxville, Louisville, Memphis, Milwaukee/Madison, Minneapolis/St Paul, Mobile, Nashville, New Orleans/Metairie/Kenner, Oklahoma City, Omaha/Council Bluffs, Pittsburgh, Springfield, St. Louis, Toledo, Tulsa, and West Michigan.
  • Eastern Region: Albany/Schenectady/Troy, Atlanta, Baltimore, Baton Rouge, Boston, Buffalo/Niagara Falls, Charleston/N Charleston, Charlotte, Columbia (South Carolina), Greensboro/Winston-Salem, Greenville/Spartanburg, Hampton Roads, Hartford, Jacksonville (Florida), Long Island (New York), New York City, Northern New Jersey, Orlando, Pensacola/Ferry Pass/Brent, Philadelphia, Portland/South Portland, Providence, Raleigh/Durham, Richmond VA, Rochester, South Florida, Southwest Florida, Syracuse, Tallahassee, Tampa/St Petersburg, Washington DC, and Westchester/S. Connecticut.

How many awards do you give out?

The number of awards given in each market is dependent upon the tier. In larger tier markets, 20 awards are given for each of the individual and company levels. In middle tier markets, 15 and 10 are awarded, with other markets awarding five firms for leasing or sales.

I changed firms at some point in the last year. What firm name will be on my plaque?

The firm that a broker is with as of March 1st of the current year will be the company name appearing on the plaque. If the broker changes to another company after the March 1st cut-off, the company name will still be the firm that the broker was with prior to the deadline.

I broke my plaque from a previous year. Can I get a new one?

Yes. Please email to request a replacement. Please include the following information in your request: Name, company name, market, year, and your shipping address.