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Every day, CoStar’s 1,750 researchers find and verify information on commercial real estate sales, leases and listings. At the end of each year, CoStar tallies the commercial real estate sales and lease transactions that closed during the previous year to determine the winners of the CoStar Power Broker Awards in each market. These awards are presented to both the firms and individuals who closed the highest transaction volume in commercial property sales and leases in their respective markets throughout the year.

To find out more information on the criteria used to determine Power Broker Awards, including calculations for overall sales and lease transaction volume, download the CoStar Power Broker Awards Methodology.

The 2019 Power Broker Awards will be determined based on all 2019 deals received on or before January 15, 2020 at midnight EST.

All Power Broker Awards will be determined based on deals completed (signed) during the previous calendar year that were sent to us on or before the entry deadline.

The Award Methodology for all CoStar Power Broker Awards is subject to change at CoStar’s sole discretion.